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atelier de l'artiste peintre québecois Gosselin


Isabelle Gosselin was born in 1957. Her artist name is GOSSELIN. Graduated in marketing and finance, she worked in the advertising industry until 2020, it was then that she fully embarked on her passion, painting.  

Considered an emerging artist, she learned the different basic techniques in a private school - Studio Couleur d'Art, with Richard Morin, painter and owner.  This will allow her to meet professional artists and develop her artistic side with them.

During these years, she learned to compose with different colors, lights with oil techniques and a figurative style.

You will find his works in the FIGURATIVE ART Gallery on the site.  

She will make sure to surround herself with experts to start her career as an artist. By becoming a member  Artxterra , she wants to organize all aspects of an artistic career and a link with the artistic community.


Rapidly she is represented mainly on websites, such as  Gallea , allowing it to establish visibility through this online sales site. She participates in various competitions for Curators' Collections, and will be exhibited at various locations in Montreal, Vaudreuil.  


In November 2021, she had her first exhibition in duo. 



Why painting?  For more than 20 years now, she has brought me moments of joy, by creating and letting my imagination run wild.

At the very beginning, I worked in oil. I prepared my colors with the basic ones, so I could go and find the ideal color to enhance a landscape, to create a special light on the canvas.


Working on canvas canvases, I always prepared my work by sketching directly on the canvas. Then I colored the canvas with a first coat with oil and xxx, to define and make the corrections to the canvas with the final coat. The oil is a complex medium, which allows us to create effects of softness. I love to use oil to represent clouds, mist.  

Discover these works in the FIGURATIVE ART Gallery

In the past year, I have explored the multiple possibilities of working with acrylic. I go deeper into fluid art, which I like with its unexpected aspect which forces me to follow the curve, the texture to create my work.

Nature is often my starting point to create a canvas. A capture in time of a leaning tree, a colorful flower, a green grass, all this inspires me and fills me with well-being. It is like an image capture representing a moment of joy in nature, a peaceful moment or cheerfulness in a path colored by autumn leaves. Painting gives me complete freedom. During my creative process, I want to be in the moment, fulfill my need to express myself and inspire people.

Discover these works in the Gallery ART NATURE , ART ABSTRAIT

I want to perfect this medium, acrylic, to go even further in fluid art. Experiment with a mix of different techniques that I have acquired over the years. My development will surely be through comments from clients, experts and artists who will follow my path. I would also like to take development training both entrepreneurial and artistic. 

atelier et oeuvre de l'artiste peintre Gosselin et son chien Romy
atelier et pinceaux de l'artiste peintre Gosselin



May- Oct 2021 - 2021 Cohort Certificate - 

2020-2021 - Artxterra virtual courses -

2001-2010 - Various painting courses-  Color Art Studio


Permanent exhibition

Virtual :


Solo exhibition

Sept-Dec 2021; Multi Center Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion

Group exhibitions

Sept 2021 - Maritime Art Collection - Curator Gallea


March-July 2021- Arruda Teixeira Law Firm


June 2021 - In praise of color - dynamic exhibition -  Color Art Workshop

March 2021 - Landscape Collection of Quebec - Curator Gallea


May 2021- Hands-free exhibition - AVQ -


March 2021 - St. Patrick's Day Collection - Curator Gallea


March 2021 - Large Size Works Collection - Curator Gallea  - SOLD


February 2021 - Landscape Collection - Curator Gallea




Since 2020

Art X terra (Quebec)


Since 2021

Quebec visual artists  

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